A Breath of Fresh Aiir

My name is Regina Ver-Santos, and I believe teaching is a work of ‘heart.’ We live in such an amazing place which at times can be overwhelming.

 I find that I can make better sense of things through the wonderful art of storytelling. A lot of what I know about teaching I learned from people I worked with, by listening to their stories and experiences. 

That is why I am excited about this space as I can not only share my thoughts with a wider audience, but more importantly, be able to listen to (and read about) what others have to share.

My First Love

My first love has always been reading. Books have been a constant companion that my grandfather told me that he could tell what genre I was reading based on my current mood.

 I felt so connected with the characters in my book that I would feel sad when I am about to finish a book. For me it is saying goodbye to a very dear friend. Then I found theatre as another channel to bring characters to life and walk in someone else’s shoes. 

Books and plays have fueled my passion to teach students to read and appreciate literature, to take someone’s hand and together brave a new world, to encourage someone to explore unknown territories… with every turn of the page. Kumayu encouraged me to bring my love for theatre to the classroom for which I am very grateful. He is a big fan of theatre and has always had a flare for storytelling. His enthusiasm, passion and attention to details open up his listeners to new possibilities. 

The way to the IB

I joined an international school in 2010 where I taught IGCSE English and Literature to Grades 9 and 10, which was also a preparatory course for IB DP. 

I was the CAS coordinator for the DP, where I got to work with some of the most passionate people. The next year my workload included IBDP Literature A, Language and Literature, and English B.

In 2015, I moved to Japan to assist in the candidacy stage of our high school. Our school was authorized for the DP in February 2017. I am currently teaching English B and Theatre.

Breath of Fresh Air

The IB was a breath of fresh air for me. In high school, I had to put in a bit more effort to learn because I had a different learning style. 

As a teacher in the IB, we are encouraged, and even trained, to identify and support our students’ different learning styles. I also like that I get to challenge and push myself to explore different topics and methodologies. 

Moreover, the IB community is very supportive to anyone who is willing to grow. 

In the End

I do not think there is one learning program or curriculum that is one-size-fits-all. I am not here to promote the programme, rather, my hope is to help answer questions and maybe clarify some points through my stories. 

Whether you decide to join the IB DP or follow another route, I hope you find inspiration through “Chi no Mezame” to always give your best in everything you do.